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Bone cancer survivor organizes flash mob at Children's Hospital

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After months of battling cancer, a 16-year-old Cardinal Newman High School student is teaming up with her classmates to give back to a place that did so much for her.

Abi Cruz organized a flash mob that took over the the lobby of the Palmetto Health Children's Hospital as a surprise for Dr. Ronnie Neuberg.

"Dr. Ron never treated me like I was sick," said Cruz.

Cruz battled bone cancer and knows what it's like to call the Children's Hospital home. At one point, she stayed there for 9 months receiving in-patient chemotherapy, and Dr. Ron was with her every step of the way.

"Abi is just a terrific person," said Neuberg. "Every time she got admitted to the hospital, all the residents would be like she is really cool."

And Cruz brought that cool back to the hospital with the help of her classmates.

"It just really means a lot coming back here and bringing my school to the place that helped make me better," said Cruz.

So what does it takes to pull off a flash mob?

"You have to be able to somewhat dance," said one student.

"You have so many different components of where people are going to be, and where they need to run, and what time they need to be there by," said another student "It's a lot to get done."

"A lot of patience, determination, and a lot of willpower," said Cruz.

It's those characteristics that helped Cruz not only master a flash mob, but to take on cancer as well.

"She's a great person, she's got a great attitude, and she's a fighter," said Neuberg.

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