Perspective: Ballpark funding should take serious thought - - Columbia, South Carolina

Perspective: Ballpark funding should take serious thought

The following Perspective is an expression of opinion by the Editorial Board at WIS and presented by General Manager Donita Todd:

We're happy to see that sound minds prevailed last week when Columbia City council refrained from taking a vote on spending millions of dollars for a minor league ballpark as part of the Bull Street project.  And we finally heard proposals for how the city might pay for that redevelopment.  However, estimates of those costs are very organic, and Columbia's CFO cautioned council members that everything at this point is a projection, a forecast, and not set in stone.  As a matter of fact, it has come to light that some of the infrastructure costs have already exceeded earlier estimates, including the cost of parking garages rising from $8 million to $12 million.

All signs point to proceeding with caution on this project.  A steady, measured, accountable approach rather than a rush to develop approach should be taken.  If we get caught up in the moment without wisely considering the consequence, we will be paying the price for a long time to come.

That's my Perspective. 

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