American Party, brainchild of former gubernatorial candidates, o - - Columbia, South Carolina

American Party, brainchild of former gubernatorial candidates, officially certified


There's a new party in the halls of the State House. Friday, after spending nearly a year gathering signatures from across the state, co-founders Oscar Lovelace and Jim Rex announced official certification of the American Party.

Rex and Lovelace didn't have to look too far to find thousands of voters who, at the time, were especially ticked off about the government shutdown. They only needed 10,000 signatures to be certified, but ended up with 16,000.

The Party continues to bill itself as the one for common-sense voters who're tired of career politicians and corruption. Full financial transparency, a promise to govern from the middle, and term limits are just a few of the pillars of the Party.

But first, they need candidates. They're looking for people seeking smaller, regional offices before taking their mission to the state, then national level.

The party will be touring the state in the next few weeks looking for those candidates.

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