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VIDEO: Son surprises superfan mom with Super Bowl tickets

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(Source: Mike Harris on YouTube) (Source: Mike Harris on YouTube)

A Seattle Seahawks superfan got the shock of a lifetime when her son surprised her with a trip to the Super Bowl.

A video was posted on YouTube on Tuesday by a user named Mike Harris.  The video shows his mom opening a FedEx package with not just one... but three tickets to the big game.


Harris explained the back story in a message attached to the YouTube video.

He says his mom had to miss welcoming home the Seahawks after the team won the 1983 AFC Championship.

(NOTE: The franchise began play in 1976 in the NFC West division but switched conferences with the Buccaneers after one season and joined the AFC West. In 2002, the Seahawks returned to the NFC West as part of an NFL realignment plan that gave each conference four balanced divisions of four teams each.)

"She was pregnant with me, due in three months," he explained and said his dad wouldn't let go. "She missed that opportunity, and the Hawks went on to lose to the hated Raiders that year."

The first game Mike went to with his mom was against the Broncos in the late 80s.

He says the family has season tickets and his mom never misses an opportunity to be at the game.

They weren't able to go to the Super Bowl in Detroit in 2005 because they couldn't afford it. The disappoint came with a promise - the next time, they go.

"It was Super Bowl time once again, and the thoughts came back that it was time to find a way to go," he said online. "My parents and I looked at it, and realized pretty quickly, that there was no way to make it happen financially. It was just too expensive, and with my sister, and my own weddings coming up this year, it just didn't seem meant to be."

But a week later, Mike caught a headline online about the falling prices of Super Bowl tickets due to the cold and cross-country travel difficulties.

That's when things started to look up.  Tickets were about $1,000 cheaper, flights were manageable and he found a nearby hotel for a decent price.

With his dad and a life-long friend he pulled together a scheme to surprise his mom. The rest is viral history.

"Thirty years after she skipped their welcome home for my sake, I was able to return the favor in the biggest way I could ever think of," he posted. "I'm excited to go see the game, but there was nothing more meaningful than to see my mom's reaction."

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