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Families take advantage of SC snow day

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While snow and ice are making travel tricky for some drivers, others are opting for a snow day; a chance to enjoy some chilly quality time.

"We are having a snow day!" said mom Lauri Peyton. "We're so excited. We don't get those very often in South Carolina so we are having fun, throwing snowballs."

It didn't really matter the amount, snow for the Peyton family is pretty special.

"It feels great," said 10-year-old Emma. "No school!"

"When they knew snow was coming, they kept asking 'are we getting a snow day?' 'are we going to be able to stay home?' 'are we going to be able to play in it?' 'when is it going to come?' So, yeah they were pretty excited. They had questions every 10 minutes," Lauri said.

Normal questions especially for an anxious 8 and 10 year old.

Emma Lee and her brother were focused on a mission.

"He's ready to throw it," Emma said eyeing her brother with a snowball in hand. "He is armed and ready for battle."

Lauri said they are having fun as a family.

"It's nice to get a day off even though we know we have to go back to work and back to school," Lauri said. "It's fun to have a day to where we can all play together."

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