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SC emergency officials say storm could have been worse

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South Carolina remained in a state of emergency Wednesday with various state agencies banding together to minimize the winter storm damage.

At the emergency operations center, staff there say the winter storm really wasn't as bad as they expected it to be. Despite the consistent snowfall Tuesday night, there was no reported damage to homes. Most roads were cleared by early afternoon, statewide.

But there were a few hiccups. Roughly 8,000 homes lost power in South Carolina- mainly along the coast.

The highway patrol reported roughly 1,240 accidents overnight. They say that's not an abnormally high number given the circumstances. Around 48 National Guardsmen are on the ground, mostly in the Charleston area, to help troopers with those crashes.

But with the ice expected to harden by nightfall, there's another danger people at home should be aware of, and it's not on the roads.

"If it looks like it is going to get worse and that may lead to power outages, people may try to heat their homes through non conventional means," said Derrec Becker with South Carolina Emergency Management. "Never run a generator indoors. Trying to build a fire, make sure you have a fireplace, make sure its clean. But there's always an increased danger for house fires, putting people in danger."

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