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Snow or not, some still have to work

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Some people are excited for the Winter Wonderland that's heading to South Carolina, but not everyone gets to stay home and watch the snow.

Lots of people have to work in the winter weather, and they're already getting prepared to keep you safe.

South Carolina Department of Transportation crews don't have to deal with snow and ice too often, but that doesn't mean they aren't prepared.

"We do a lot of training. We're always prepared whether it snows or not," said Don Blizzard, assistant resident maintenance engineer with SCDOT.

SCDOT has sand, salt, and snow plows ready for the storm.

"The sand spreaders and the plows get very, very little use. In the last two years, they've gotten no use almost," said Blizzard. "We have any ice an accumulation we'll start sanding bridges and start plowing."

SCE&G crews are ready for the winter weather, too.

"We're in full winter weather mode," said Emily Brady, spokeswoman for SCE&G.

It's not the snow that's the biggest worry, it's actually the ice.

"Ice that can ice over branches and limbs but then fall on to power lines. The actual lines are designed to withhold a little bit of ice, but it's those limbs that could fall and create issues for us," explained Brady.

SCE&G crews have tire chains for trucks to make it safer to drive on slippery roads.

Workers also have received boot covers to give them a better grip on the ground.

Officials suggest staying off the roads if you don't have someplace you have to be during the storm.

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