City, county governments prepared for snow storm - - Columbia, South Carolina

City, county governments prepared for snow storm

The City of Columbia doesn't deal with much snowfall, so you might not realize the capital city has eight plows.

On Monday, work crews were rolling them out to make sure they were ready. The city was also mixing up sand, salt, and brine to spray on roadways as the weather begins to deteriorate.

Robert Sweatt oversees about five dozen employees in the public works department.

"What we have is 10 to 12 hour shifts," said Sweatt. "And we'll start that probably tonight. We'll have a few supervisors riding around, checking areas. Any slick area we will actually come in and put salt and sand on them."

Sweatt says city employees will focus mainly on the main roads heading in and out of town.

"We don't get a lot of streets within the city," said Sweatt. "We're just not equipped for that."

Richland County employees are also preparing for a busy next few days. The county has an extra built-in advantage with its own weather forecaster on staff.

Former WIS-TV meteorologist Ken Aucoin gives the county an edge in carrying out its plan to coordinate resources and services.

"We've been in meetings this afternoon preparing for the icing of the roadways, preparing for the worst-case scenario, and again there are still more questions as to where in the county is going to get what," said Aucoin.

Aucoin says some of the larger institutions in our area, the University of South Carolina for instance, will be taking cues from what Richland County does.

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