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Grocery, hardware stores ready in case of winter storm

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Shelves that typically hold boxes of electric heater at Ace Hardware in Cayce, look similar to the shelves at Lowe's on Harbison: empty.

"We're pretty tapped out on heaters, not much left in stock," said Ace Hardware assistant manager Kim Harley.

Both stores have a few kerosene models suitable for use indoor use. Finding a snow shovel, however, is next to impossible.

"In South Carolina, it's kind of hard to find a snow shovels in at this time, but we do have plenty of alternatives available," said Harley.

They're recommending alternatives not only for shovels, but also for ice-melt -- again the shelves have been stripped bare.

"There are substitutes that we do have available for people to use, the salt to soften the water, you can actually use that and spread it out to help melt the ice," said Harley.

In addition to sprays to de-ice your windshield, Lowe's says they've had a run on a spray called "No-Freeze" for your patio. It's not just cold weather supplies. At several local grocery stores, many, like Kathleen Kemich, did their regular shopping and picked up extra items.

"Got my milk and my snacks, extra toilet paper, all the necessities," said Kemich.

The stores know Kemich won't be the only one. They've ordered an additional truck of milk, but it's too late for extra bread since those orders were placed weeks ago and could run thin.

Some are planning to take the wait-and-see approach.

"If we get three inches of snow, it will probably melt in the street and you can drive everywhere and build your snowman," said Stuart Greeter.

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