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River Bluff 'runaway rumor' causes principal to issue statement

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Officials with Lexington School District One say a "runaway rumor" at River Bluff High School has spiraled out of control and forced the school's principal to issue a statement on the matter.

The rumor, according to district officials, says one of the school's students has threatened to harm themselves and other students.   

In a message to students, staff, and parents, Principal Luke Clamp says the rumor has become "one of those urban legends," but they are taking it seriously.

"Administrators at the school and our School Resource Office from the Lexington County Sheriff's Department continue to investigate any and all rumors," said Clamp. "Thus far, every rumor has turned out to be just that — rumor."

Clamp goes on to ask students to quit spreading the rumor as fact because it only incites panic. 

In the meantime, Clamp does encourage the student body to report any and all rumors to the school's resources officer.

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