In State of City, Benjamin says its time to dream big and act bo - - Columbia, South Carolina

In State of City, Benjamin says its time to dream big and act boldly


In his first State of the City following his re-election, Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin says it's time to dream big and act boldly.

During his address, Benjamin said plenty was accomplished during his first term. He highlighted an increase public safety funding, job creation and building new regional partnerships. 

However, the mayor says in order to really move the capital city forward we need to change our thinking about the way we define success.

"The city that we are meant to be, a city of ideas, new and bold reaching past the boundaries of our preconceptions and conventional wisdom to break new ground," said Benjamin.

In addition to building a new baseball stadium, the mayor set a goal of generating more property tax revenues by encouraging $1 billion in private investment for vertical development over the next four years.

Benjamin is planning to proposing a series of reforms that will create an environment for that type of investment in the capital city.

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