Report: Charlotte man attempted to steal car with 2-year-old ins - - Columbia, South Carolina

Report: Charlotte man attempted to steal car with 2-year-old inside


Camden Police arrested a Charlotte man Monday following an incident where investigators say he assaulted a woman and then tried to steal her car with her 2-year-old daughter still inside the vehicle.

Police say they apprehended 21-year-old Shaquan White at Kershaw Health.

White was taken to the hospital following a car accident in Elgin. The incident report states White had become unruly inside the hospital while doctors and nurses attempted to treat his injuries.

The report says White managed to make it out into the hospital's parking lot where he ran into two women.

Investigators say White told one of the women he was going to take her car and then shoved her into it, damaging the vehicle.

White attempted to get inside the car with the woman's child, but hospital employees managed to prevent him from gaining access to the vehicle.

Camden Police officers eventually gained control of the situation and White was treated at the hospital. He was then taken to Kershaw County Detention Center.

Law enforcement officials have not said what White will be charged with.

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