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NC social protest leader at SC King Day ceremony

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - North Carolina NAACP President William Barber says what conservative leaders have done to social justice in South Carolina and North Carolina has been mighty low, but he thinks people in both states are ready to go to higher ground.

Barber spoke Monday at the South Carolina NAACP's annual rally to honor Martin Luther King Jr. at the Statehouse in Columbia. He left the few thousand at the rally cheering and rocking like they were at a gospel revival, chanting "mighty low" and "higher ground" back to him.

Barber and others emphasized themes like more money for education and Medicare. They also spoke about the importance of voting.

What wasn't in Barber's speech was a call for mass protests like the ones he has led in North Carolina.

Barber helped organize protests over social issues last year in North Carolina that led to nearly 1,000 people being arrested at that state's capitol. The protests were over a lack of health care and education for minorities, something the South Carolina NAACP has been trying to draw attention to for years.

The rally started with a prayer service then participants marched to the State House.

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