Miles: "I did indeed attempt to take my own life"

Kenny Miles (Source: Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center)
Kenny Miles (Source: Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center)

Former University of South Carolina running back Kenny Miles released a statement Wednesday indicating he was depressed when he shot himself in the arm November 4th.

"In the months leading up to November, I struggled with a sudden onset of deep depression," said Miles in a statement provided to WIS through his attorney Neal Lourie.

"On November 4, I did indeed attempt to take my own life," continued Miles. "After the incident, I was professionally diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety. This illness can be caused by a number of factors. Thankfully, I am receiving the proper treatment at this time."

The 23-year-old encouraged those who believe they may be suffering from depression to seek help immediately.

"As I continue to heal both physically and mentally, I would ask that you allow me and my family the time and space to do so," said Miles. "Lastly, please know and understand that this is not my demise, but just a small bump on my road to success."

Miles turned himself in to the Richland County Sheriff's Department on January 7. He was charged with giving false information to law enforcement officers, which is a misdemeanor in South Carolina.

"This was a case where he initially was not telling the truth," said Lourie. "He's admitted that. But, he did eventually come forward and give him correct, real information."

Sheriff Leon Lott said he hopes the courts rule that Miles is responsible for paying the department back for its time and effort in investigating the false robbery report.

A judge set a $440 personal recognizance bond for Miles and allowed him to return to Georgia to live with his parents and travel to South Carolina for physical rehabilitation.

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