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Lexington Councilman Danny Frazier resigns in letter

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Danny Frazier Danny Frazier

Controversial Lexington town Councilman Danny Frazier said in a letter to council on Friday that he's resigning from his post.

Saying moving to a new home outside the town limits precludes him from serving the seat, Frazier says it was a pleasure serving on the council.

"While I am saddened that I am no longer able to represent my constituents as a Council member, I do look forward to serving the citizens in some other capacity," said Frazier in the letter.

Frazier tendered his resignation with a heavy heart and deep regret, saying he's "proud to leave behind a legacy of town expansion, economic development, and true public service."

Over the phone, he said he believes a lot of the annexation that's happened in Lexington is a direct result of his efforts to grow the town.

"I was able to negotiate and work with the developers as well with the property owners to make the developments to go all the way out 378 to I-20," said Frazier. "Otherwise, we wouldn't be having the developments we're going to have going on on the old Corley tract of land there."

Administrators point out he's missed 11 of the last 16 meetings.Frazier says that's because of his brother's death.

"I spent a great deal of time down in Charleston with him when he had his bone marrow transplant and therefore he was out of work and a lot of the work fell back on me," said Frazier.

Frazier's resignation comes almost a year and a half since audio recordings of him surfaced outlining his illegal video poker businesses and how he hid them from law enforcement.

Citizens and fellow council members pressed for Frazier's ouster during a town council meeting just days after we aired an investigation on Frazier's ties to the video poker business in Lexington County.

Frazier stood firm against the calls. "I boasted about friendships and said things that were exaggerated or simply not true, which reflected very poor judgment on my part," said Frazier in a statement following the meeting.

Lexington Mayor Steve MacDougall said it was better for Lexington now that Frazier was gone.

"Because of what we were told, the investigation, it put a black eye on Lexington," said MacDougall. "We felt strongly enough that it was enough to ask for his resignation. The public trust had been broken and we felt that that was enough to ask him to leave."

Frazier is also under a SLED investigation. At last update, we learned the investigation is ongoing and was in the hands of the state grand jury.

Lexington officials say they are now working with the elections office to hold a special election on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 to fill Frazier's now empty seat.

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