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Man accused of stealing electric services

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A Gaston man is accused of stealing electric services from SCANA.

According to the incident report, a SCANA employee called Lexington County Sheriff's deputies January 2nd after finding a home on Irwin Jumper Street that was connected illegally to an electric pole without the company's permission.  The employee told deputies he had been at the property in March 2013 and at the time, a generator was supplying power to the mobile home.

The SCANA employee estimated $3,133 in power service had been used by the home since March.

When deputies knocked on the door, the man living at the house told them nobody was paying for electric service and it was "just on." 39-year-old Bryan Sheppard told deputies he did not know who connected the power lines, but it wasn't him.  Sheppard also said he had been living at the home "for a month or two." But the incident report says the deputy checked a computer database and found a 911 call Sheppard had made from that address in May of 2013. The deputy reported Sheppard did not respond to the question asking if he made the call in May.

Sheppard was charged with theft of services.

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