Cold weather makes for busy day at local car shop - - Columbia, South Carolina

Cold weather makes for busy day at local car shop


At Complete Car Care, cold air has made for a busy day. Cars that hadn't been in a shop in a long time lined up to be fixed.

"From batteries, to water pumps, radiators cracking, breaking, hoses leaking, hose clamps bad," mechanic Bryan Bouknight.

Bouknight spent the day working on the more than a dozen cars that came to the shop with problems sparked by the cold.

"It makes a little mess," said Bouknight.

A few of those little messes could be prevented with a little preparation, according to Bouknight.

"You gotta make sure you got a good strong coolant, and your hoses are good," said Bouknight.

Also, cranking a cold car takes a toll on your car's battery. He says to make sure it's charged, and has enough cold cranking amps.

But Bouknight's best advice?

"Let your car sit there and run five to ten minutes before you leave," said Bouknight. "That way it has time for the engine to heat up and all your coolant can circulate through the radiator."

But that's advice Bouknight says many don't follow.

"It's not good," said Bouknight. "That's why we stay busy here."

Officials received 188 calls for disabled vehicles on Tuesday -- more than triple the amount from last Monday.

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