Clemson fans take advantage of the Florida sunshine before bowl - - Columbia, South Carolina

Clemson fans take advantage of the Florida sunshine before bowl game


More than a few Tigers were happy to trade the mountains for the mid-80's Thursday.

Hall Baldwin especially, you could say she went the extra mile.

"We drove down, 24 hours from Madison, Wis. because we love our school and we want to support it," Baldwin said.

She's also fleeing negative 6 degree weather, for a few days in Miami.

A melting pot of international flavor, characterized by scenes like this: an Irish guy hawking jewelry to Italian tourists.

Around here, he's called Johnny Irish and he loves selling the South Beach lifestyle.

"South Beach is so laid back, so laid back," Irish said. "It's not pretentious, it is what it is. Anyone feels good here."

Chambers Easterling, though, says he could get used to this.

"I think I'm getting there," Easterling said. "It's just great, I'm getting a little tan, went swimming in the ocean. I love it."

Baldwin said she could live here forever.

Sounds nice, but Baldwin will be heading back to Wisconsin after the ballgame.

Book-ending a beach trip with what she hopes will be a bowl victory.

"I wasn't sure how many Clemson fans were going to show up so I wanted to be here to support our alumni," Baldwin said.

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