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Crossroads Charter School basketball team making history

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The Crossroads Charter High School Boy's Basketball team is making history.  This year the team won two tournaments and is trying to win a third on Monday night.    

The school has never won two tournaments in the same year before. And to win a third would be something that has never been done before by a school in Charlotte, according to school officials. The success has surprised the coach.  

"Just the heart they have," Coach Rufus Brown said.  "They never give up. The school's motto is Never give up." 

This year the team won The Tabernacle Christian Tip Off, The Commenius Holiday Classic and they are competing in the Bud Black/Dennis Tate Holiday Tournament in Cherryville, NC. They are going against Cherryville High School.  Charter, public, and private schools play in the tournaments.

"We are going to win it tonight." Crossroads Charter School Basketball player Tony Jackson, Jr. said.  

The success is paying off for the students.  Team members say they are happy to be on a winning side for a change. Jackson came to the school when he was in the ninth grade.  

"I couldn't control my anger," Jackson said. "I probably got mad at anything and anybody who said something to me. If it wasn't for basketball and coming to this school, I would be somewhere I wouldn't want to be."

Academics is important at the school. The principal recently reinstated a basketball team. There were not enough students who had the grades to make up a team. 

"Over the years," Assistant Basketball Coach Jonathan Martin said. "The academics have truly grown and the quality of students.  They know they are winners. They know they are strong. When people count them out, they never gave up." 

Crossroads Charter school used to be a school where challenged students attended.  Those students couldn't survive in Charlotte Mecklenburg school district, so the only other school that would take them was Crossroads Charter. 

The Basketball coach, Rufus Brown, says that's not the case anymore.  He says students who are coming to Crossroads are students who want to succeed in life and in school. 

Jackson says because of basketball and the school, his grades are now up to par and he is feeling good about his future.  

"It builds up my morale," Jackson said. "Like I can accomplish anything. I can become somebody."

Earlier this year the school basketball team was ranked 378th in the state now they are 148th.

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