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Goodwill launches donation blitz

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The drop-off drive thru was ringing all morning at the Goodwill on Decker Blvd in Columbia.

"Well it begins what we call hopefully the donation blitz," said David Hessberger, regional manager at Goodwill.

That blitz started the day after Christmas and lasts through New Year's Eve. It's one of the busiest times for places like Goodwill where you can drop-off your items you no longer want, need or simply just don't have room for anymore.

It's also your last chance to get a tax deduction on your donations.

"We give folks tax receipts throughout the year and make it as easy as possible for them if they choose to get some tax relief with their donations," Hessberger said.

Those gently used items that people drop off eventually make their way to the floor and onto a shelf for someone else to enjoy.

Goodwill accepts a variety of things and if you're confused on what these items could save you in taxes there are numerous websites online to help you gauge their worth.

"Uh it's just kind of a great time to out with the old in with the new," Hessberger said.  

But in this case out with the old also means someone else's new.

Something the manager of this Goodwill Cheryl Singletary has seen a lot of in her last 6 years with the company.

"Every donation that comes through here changes someone's life," Singletary said.

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