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WIS Year in Review: Governor Sanford's political comeback

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In 2013, South Carolina stole the attention of the nation with news that was hard to ignore.

One of the biggest comebacks of the year involved a once disgraced former South Carolina governor who surprised many by getting back in politics.

A missing governor, an affair and few days in South America led to what many thought was the end of promising political career.

"I think we should forgive mark...and move on and allow him to move on with his career," said voter Grace Krecker.

Voters were surprisingly forgiving and supportive of the former outspoken governor even as his personal life unraveled in the media in the days leading up to a much anticipated congressional election.

"His career is no concern of mine," said Sanford's ex-wife, Jenny Sanford.

For former Governor Sanford, this time was about moving forward.

"I've been on a remarkable personal journey since then, and hopefully my life will reflect that going forward," Sanford said.

In the end, the republican won by 54 percent of the vote in a special election against democratic opponent Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

"They both are divorced and they both had issues," said voter Joan Grayson. "Hers just didn't come to light yet."

"The saying is the higher you rise, the bigger you fall, I failed," Sanford said. "But in some ways what I've come to learn is what our brokenness as human beings are ultimately our connection."

If there's one thing we can take away from Sanford's victory is that everyone loves a good comeback.

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