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Cereal factory workers spend Christmas on picket line

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(WMC-TV) - As the Mid-South celebrates Christmas, one group of local factory workers is spending the holiday on the picket line.

This Christmas Day, the locked out cereal factory workers are protesting in two four-hour shifts each outside Memphis' Kellogg's factory.

After more than two months in an impasse, the workers do not see an end in sight.

"People are shocked we are still standing out here Christmas Day," local labor union vice president Earle Early noticed.

Early says the community is showing the union workers Christmas spirit.

"We had a guy stop and bring us sweet potato pie, people stopping bringing doughnuts, bringing cups, cocoa, as well as blowing that horn," he said.

Kellogg's says the supplemental contract they're offering the workers would protect the wages and benefits of all current employees, and still offer above-market wages for future hires.

The union begs to differ, as negotiation talks have halted.

"We filed Labor Board charges for them for not bargaining in good faith," early explained.

Temp workers are operating the factory, which was closed on the Christmas holiday.

"They're not going to take our sprit away from us," Early declared. "We're going to spend Christmas with our family and still walk the picket line."

The workers say they're waiting for the Labor Board to rule.

With the holidays, they don't expect a ruling until after the first if the year.

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