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Holiday shoppers flock to South Plains Mall

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Time is running out for last-minute shoppers as Christmas creeps just around the corner.

"Get out right now because it's gonna get harder and the lines are gonna get longer - so do your Christmas shopping soon," said Vidal Perez.

Valuable words of advice from an avid Christmas shopper who braved the hustle and bustle of Saturday Christmas shopping.

"We had to park over there in New Mexico," joked Marina Zuniga. "There are a lot of people here."

The South Plains Mall was packed with people trying to get those last-minute steals and deals just days before Christmas.

"This is a big day. Everybody seems to wait until that last weekend and then they all come out," said Dillard's Store Manager Clara Ellison.

Ellison says the Saturday before Christmas is even busier than Black Friday.

"It's much busier than Black Friday. Black Friday you get more lookers, today you get people that are actually buying," Ellison said.

Ellison says the hot items on this year's Christmas wish list are personalized perfume bottles, Michael Kors watches for men and woman, and the new "Jordan Retro 11" shoes (which, by the way, are already sold out).

Shoppers had their eyes set on several other popular presents as well.

"LRG, Polo, everything, a whole lot of camouflage," said Darren Trotter and Marquise Fountain.

Ellison says if you haven't made the trip to the mall yet you're still in luck.

"We have plenty of merchandise. I have another truck rolling in tonight so there will be merchandise going out on the floor tomorrow. So we try to make sure that what you want to give is here up until the 6 o'clock on the 24th," Ellison said.

With four days to go until Christmas, still, South Plains shoppers aren't done yet.

"We still have to make a few more pit stops," Zuniga said.

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