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Holiday display benefits Camp Kemo

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Every year Paul Towns invites the entire Midlands community out to enjoy his holiday display benefiting Camp Kemo.

Towns is the kind of guy who can't just have one of something.

He has hundreds of his favorite things, and at Christmas time he has no shortage of lights.

"We're up to about 40,000 lights," Towns said. "We don't count them."

He opens his property up to anyone who wants to take a look and it's all free.

"You see all the little kids with their eyes all bugged out, grabbing on to the picket fence and watching the things run," Towns said.

There's a big old milk jug in the train room. Since 2004 it's been there to collect donations in memory of Cole Sawyer, a young boy who died of cancer. The money goes to Camp Kemo.

"I know how much going to camp would mean to the kids because they could be a child for once, instead of being poked and laying in bed in the hospital," Towns said.

It's a battle Paul knows all about.

"I was diagnosed in 2004 and I went through chemo two times and radiation three times," he said.

Through donations Elgin Lights has been able to send more than 70 kids to Camp Kemo since 2004.

You can stop by the Christmas tractor and train show nightly from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. through Christmas Eve. It's on Charlie Horse Circle in Elgin.


The signs Paul thought had been stolen were actually taken down by the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

"They told me that I must place them beyond 33 feet from the center of the road," said Paul "They were very nice about it and gave them back to me."

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