Dorn VA Medical Center operating rooms shut down again

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Surgical services at the Dorn VA Medical Center are again on hold after more contamination is found in their eight operating rooms.

Particulate or particle matter was found in what should be the sterile operating rooms at Dorn Medical Center.

It's a story WIS broke two weeks ago, and continued to press for answers today.

Dorn resumed surgical services Monday.

Before then, all eight operating rooms were closed Oct. 18 due to problems with two disintegrated HEPA filters in the air filtration system.

Between Monday and Wednesday 40 surgeries were done with no debris identified, officials said.

Thursday the matter was discovered as one surgery was in progress. That surgery was finished, but 6 more cases were canceled.

Five of those cases were considered urgent and were sent to partner hospitals or other VA Medical Centers.

An investigation of the problem is ongoing, and WIS continues to ask questions about the safety of the operating rooms.

The VA has apologized to veterans and their families.

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