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SC American Party closer to getting on next year's ballot

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More than half of Americans said they do not trust some of our lawmakers on Capitol Hill to fix major problems, according to a recent Gallup poll.

There's now an emerging group that's hoping to become a third party option for voters disappointed with elected officials in already in office.

"Believe me, these things are worth more than my first born," said Dr. Jim Rex, co-founder of SC American Party.

The signatures mean the state's third political party- the American Party now has a pretty good chance of getting on the ballot for next year's election.

"We're the only modern democracy left on the planet that limits its voters to two viable choices," Rex said. "That's only one more than a dictatorship."

"Our whole vision is to give people real world public servants who want to offer something as a public servant instead of become a career politician," said Dr. Oscar Lovelace.

But in a famously red state, some South Carolinians remain unconvinced another option is needed. But Rex, a former State Education Superintendent and Lovelace, a former gubernatorial candidate said the two party system is a failure.

"We've seen these parties up close and person, and it's basically a shell game," Lovelace said.

American Party founders say they have roughly 14,000 signatures which they plan to submit to the State Election Commission before the end of the year.

They'll be given an official response by the end of January.

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