House fire investigations in Evansville - - Columbia, South Carolina

EFD crews battle overnight house fires

Evansville Fire crews were called for a second time to a fire that rekindled on the 200 block of South New York Avenue Thursday night.

The first fire started around midnight.

Crews on scene reported two houses were on fire.

Officials tell 14 News it appears the fire started at 208 South New York and spread to a neighboring house.

Witnesses at the scene told firefighters they thought homeless people were using both houses as shelter. Fire officials told 14 News that is a possibility, but would not comment on if that was the case or not.

Crews were able to put both fires out in just under an hour.

However, around 4:30 Thursday morning the fire rekindled.

Both houses are being considered a total loss.

Officials say one of the homes is slated for demolition for reasons not connected with Thursday's fire.

Just moments before midnight fire crews were called to another working structure fire on Line Street.

Officials say crews found a blanket on fire inside the home, but are not sure why it caught fire.

Both investigations are ongoing.

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