Richard Culliver sworn in, takes in the sights at Fort Jackson - - Columbia, South Carolina

Richard Culliver sworn in, takes in the sights at Fort Jackson


Inside a dark trailer at Fort Jackson, young recruits are preparing for what could be the fight of their lives. Of course, Richard Culliver is already a veteran in that department.

"He's doing everything a basic combat soldier would do," said SFC David Schible.

Richard's visit to the Fort was the result of a friend noticing his Halloween costume.

"We bought a Halloween costume, an Army costume, he wore it and one thing led to another," said Richard's mother, Stephanie McMillan.

And before McMillan knew it, a walking tour become a miniature enlistment. Richard was sworn in, received more patches than he had sleeves for, and got to see firsthand what goes into becoming Army strong.

"I keep thinking about all the things he's gotten to do, and this time is extra special because he can actually enjoy it," said McMillan.

Not too long ago, a trip up Victory Tower would've been impossible.

"There would've been no way he could've done it," said McMillan. "He couldn't even hold his head up."

But recently, the tumor loosened its grip, allowing for a daredevil's view and a lesson for his heroes.

"When you say you can't do something or you're about to quit, Richard Culliver should come into your mind," said Schible. "If this young man can do it, you surely can. Today, he is Fort Jackson's hero."

"It just shows how much more good there is in this world than bad," said McMillan. "There are amazing people who, instead of him just getting a tour, want to make it even more special for him. There are just no words for that."

Richard's day didn't end at Fort Jackson, he had a chance to go to McEntire Air National Guard Base to hang out with some pilots and spend some time in a flight simulator. Thursday he'll return to Fort Jackson for his graduation.

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