Bloodhound tracking team catches 2 boys suspected of burglary - - Columbia, South Carolina

Bloodhound tracking team catches 2 boys suspected of burglary


The Kershaw County Sheriff's Office bloodhound tracking team helped arrest two boys suspected of burglarizing a home.

Sheriff James Matthews says a homeowner in East Camden arrived home Monday afternoon to find two boys in the house. Matthews says the boys ran out the back door and a neighbor told deputies he saw them jump a fence and run through several back yards.

Another neighbor told deputies the nickname of one of the boys he recognized.  A sheriff's deputy familiar with the boy went to his house. As deputies and the bloodhound tracking team approached the house, Matthews says two boys ran into some nearby woods.  Investigators say in the woods they found a cell phone and laptop that had been reported stolen and the boys set on fire.

The tracking team found the boys and they were arrested.  Because of their age, the boys' names will not be released. 

Matthews says one of the boys was turned over to his mother.  Matthews says the other boy was on probation for a previous burglary, strong armed robbery and kidnapping and was taken to the Department of Juvenile Justice in Columbia.

After investigators got a warrant and searched the home where the boys lived, Matthews says they found numerous items believed to have been stolen from nearby homes and businesses. 

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