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Report: 13-year-old in custody after bringing .38, box cutter to school

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A 13-year-old Camden Middle School student was taken into police custody after the school's principal located a .38-caliber Smith and Wesson and a box cutter inside the student's locker Tuesday morning.

According to the Camden Police incident report, Camden Middle School assistant principal John Mastrovito received a note from a teacher who was told about a student potentially having a gun and knife on campus.

Mastrovito and a police officer confronted the student and searched his locker for the two items, according to the report, finding the gun and a box cutter.

Police said the student told them he brought the weapons on campus because he felt threatened by several students he owed money to.

The student told police the gun belonged to his grandfather, who responded to the school after finding out the weapon was missing.

Camden Middle School Principal Byron Johnson released a statement to parents following the incident, saying he was pleased a student had the courage to tell an adult.

"Please be reassured that the safety and well-being of our students and staff is our greatest concern, and we will use this experience as an additional opportunity to review our safety practices with our staff, law enforcement and school improvement council. It is troubling to try to understand how a young person could have access to such a weapon," said Johnson.

Police say the student is currently suspended from the school pending an expulsion hearing.

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