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City councilwoman says ads about strong mayor may not be entirely accurate


There's a new ad on the air making a strong push for a strong mayor government in the Capital City.

Mayor Steve Benjamin says it's an issue of public safety.

But opponents are pushing back saying even though Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott is pictured on fliers, a website and ads encouraging people to vote yes, Lott has not endorsed the strong mayor effort.

Councilwoman Tameika Isaac Devine argues that switching to a stronger mayor government does not necessarily mean a safer city.

"If you think about the FBI's crime stats, the top 13 most dangerous cities are all strong mayors' forms of government so the argument that strong mayor makes your city safer is erroneous," Devine said.

With six days until the election you can expect to see and hear an even stronger push from both sides for your vote.

"Most of all a yes vote will make me and all future mayors accountable to you," Benjamin said in his ad.

"What I would ask voters to do is look at the assertions that both sides are making, yes and no, and really look to see whether or not those are truthful statements, and the after that what I would do is ask yourself, what would be different under a strong mayor form of government that we cannot achieve under a council mayor form of government?" Devine said.

Voters will decide if they want to change city government on Dec. 3.

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