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Families Helping Families means hope for struggling parents

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Stacey Brooks' three sons keep her hands and her heart full, and this time of this year, she needs it. She lost her job about a month ago.

"Their are a lot of things that they want to get, a lot of things that I'd like to see them with but I can't afford it," said Brooks. "I can't buy them it for Christmas. It makes me feel sad and broken that I can't really provide for my boys like I want to."

Several years ago, Brooks relied on Families Helping Families, and she says it was a godsend.

With their dad and a regular paycheck out of the picture, giving Daniel, Kwame and Damir a Christmas they'll remember is tricky to say the least. All she wants for Christmas is a job, and the ability to have a few things under the tree for her three boys.

"That program gives your kids hope, that there will be something under the Christmas tree when they wake up," said Brooks.

Brooks doesn't know if her family has been adopted again or not, but she's asking for clothes and a few toys, just something to fill out Christmas morning. She'll keep looking for a job, but in the meantime, she's hoping a stranger is looking out for her family.

"They go to bed the night before and nothing's there, but when they wake up that morning, all you see is smiles. That's what I want to see," said Brooks. "'Mom came through,' that's what I want them to say."

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