Dorn VA: Delays at hospital have 'been resolved' - - Columbia, South Carolina

Dorn VA: Delays at hospital have 'been resolved'


After a CNN investigation into patients who were left waiting too long for care and a WIS investigation into a lack of surgeons at the hospital, officials at the Dorn VA Hospital claim many of the issues they were having have been fixed.

A statement from the VA says the Veterans Health Administration reviewed cases nationwide and created "processes and oversight mechanisms" to prevent issues from happening at Dorn and other VA centers.

"The consult delay at Dorn VAMC has been resolved," said the statement. "Additional staff have been hired to meet the demand for services and consults are tracked daily to ensure timely care is provided."

VA officials also say 55 cases at the hospital were reviewed and they found 20 veterans were "adversely affected by delays in care."

"As a part of this review, it was determined that there have been a total of 6 deaths associated with the patients' underlying malignancy," said the statement.

Nine families in South Carolina have filed suit against Dorn VA over delay of care issues.

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