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Your car hates the cold air more than you do


The temperature has dropped, and so have the garage doors at Complete Car Care.

Inside, Bryan Bouknight is dealing with the usual winter rush. Plenty of cars are feeling the effects of some cold November air.

"As it gets cold, everything starts retracting," said Bouknight. "We see a lot of radiator failure."

That's due to most everything being plastic and rubber these days. Keep an eye on your coolant level. It has a habit of escaping through broken hoses or worn out seals this time of year.

And check its color. Whether it's red, green, yellow or blue, just make sure it's a pure color.

After you've checked your coolant, remember the more obvious: your battery. Like your joints, your engine will tighten up in the cold.

"In cold weather, it takes a lot more to turn a cold engine," said Bouknight. "Gotta have good cranking amps in a battery so get it checked and make sure it's up to par."

Lastly, don't just hop in and speed off in the morning.

"Let everything get to operating temperature," said Bouknight. "The seals are hard when they're cold, if you just take off you're throwing oil pressure everywhere and it's hard on everything."

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