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Last night's snow a treat, but freezing temps tonight

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Last night's snow was fun to see, however, tonight is a different story. Arctic air has settled over the Midlands and it will be cold! We'll be in record territory as morning low temperatures will be in the low 20s with some areas in the teens. It's unseasonably cold for this time of year.

We've already had a freeze this year, so the growing season is over. The main issue tonight will be making sure your pets are indoors and checking your vehicle before you head off to work and school in the morning.

Cold weather affects your car battery by creating a chemical reaction inside the battery, increasing internal resistance making the car difficult to start. The cold can significantly lower tire pressure. Cold temperatures will cause the air to contract inside your tire, lowering the pressure, which could cause the tire to go flat making it unsafe to drive.

Another worry are frozen pipes. The good news is we won't be cold enough to have a big issue with bursting pipes. When we have temperatures down near 20° for over 5 hours, unprotected pipes can cause major problems. If you're still worried, simply let your faucet drip slowly before you go to bed and keep your cabinet doors open under the kitchen and bathroom sinks open.

Arctic air this time of year does not last long. The atmosphere will warm up nicely over the next few days and the cold will be a distant memory by the weekend as we'll see temperatures into the 70s.

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