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Poll worker paid after miscommunication

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Precinct managers say paychecks are normally handed out on election day. 

However, one poll worker who says he worked last Tuesday but still hasn't been paid.

It was Robert Brown's first time working the polls for election day. He went through all the training and paper work and was there bright and early Nov. 5.

"I was already at 9 hours before I found out I wasn't supposed to be there," said Brown.

Between the training and election day, Brown says he should have been paid more than $130.

According to Brown, when he asked about his check, Chatham County Election officials told him someone called him the day before and told him not to come to work. Brown says he never got that call.

"I got up at 3 am that morning and I walked from my house to here. Had I not supposed to be there I would have stayed in my bed," said Brown.  

His precinct manager Shirley Stinson says she wasn't notified until that afternoon that Brown wasn't on her pay sheet.

"I would have never let him work all day knowing he wasn't going to get paid. And he did work. He was a diligent worker,"said Stinson.

Stinson says usually the managers get a binder on election day with an updated pay sheet, but that document was missing.

"When I called, they told me they were in the process of being printed. So when I got the pay sheet, it was in the afternoon. Even though I got it late, it was in the midst of the election and I didn't even look at it anymore because I just assumed he was supposed to be there."

Stinson says it wasn't until they brought the checks that she realized they were one short.

"Why are they allowed to do people this way," said Brown. "Who dropped the ball here?"

Because of Veteran's Day the Chatham County Board of Elections office is closed, but we did speak with Supervisor of Elections Russell Bridges who couldn't speak on this specific case, but tells me his office is investigating the situation.

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