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Posts show agitated Sweatt days prior to killing spree

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The trouble between Bryan Sweatt and Chandra Fields started last year when she evicted him from her Greenwood apartment, court records show.

That's around the same time Chandra was expecting their first child together.

Greenwood County Sheriff Tony Davis said they spent the last several months in a custody battle over their now 7-month-old daughter which led to the mass murder and suicide Tuesday night.

Sweatt posted a picture of himself, his estranged girlfriend and their infant daughter to Facebook the day before sheriff's investigators say he went on a killing spree then killed himself.

According to deputies, Sweatt killed his girlfriend, her mother and stepfather and their two grandchildren inside a Greenwood County home.

Sweatt, 27, was angry over not being able to see his 7-month-old daughter, authorities said.  

"It is my understanding that was part of the problem, was custody," Davis said. "A lack of having access to the child, the 7-month-old girl."

Sweatt and Fields were living together inside an apartment in Greenwood until July of last year. That's when court records show, Fields kicked him out.

A month later, Sweatt was arrested and charged with burglary. Deputies say he broke into his parent's neighbor's house and stole jewelry. Sweatt was facing a minimum of fifteen years up to a maximum of life in prison if convicted by jury.

Sweatt spent the next several months inside the county jail while his estranged girlfriend was pregnant with his daughter. After Sweatt got out of jail on bond, Davis says deputies broke up two arguments between them at Chandra Fields' parent's home.  

"Only arguments, not really domestic violence-type incidents, just typical arguments between husband/wife, or boyfriend/girlfriend, something like that," Davis said. "We have looked at them to see if there was a pattern of domestic violence, but we're not finding any."

Bryan Sweatt's Facebook page shows something brewing just days before he murdered five people, and then took his own life.   

Facebook posts show Sweatt posting about Fields cheating, messages that he "missed his little girl", references to court dates for his criminal charges and custody hearings one week before the killings.

In one post, Sweatt said "I don't start drama, I finish it."

The day before the shootings, Sweatt posted a series of pictures of himself and Fields calling her "My love" then a final picture of the three of them together.

"I have heard of that, but at this point, I have not seen it," Davis said.

Davis said Sweatt was supposed to be in court Tuesday for a hearing on his burglary charges; instead he broke into the home, waited for his victims to come and then killed them.

Davis later said Sweatt was not scheduled for a court appearance this week. A news release from the sheriff's department Thursday indicated the information was inaccurate:

"A statement was made during the Sheriff Davis' press conference yesterday afternoon regarding the Greenwood tragedy that we have determined to be inaccurate.  After Sheriff Davis and 8th Circuit Solicitor David Stumbo were able to consult on the matter, it has been confirmed that Bryan Eugene Sweat was not scheduled for a court appearance in Greenwood General Sessions court at any time this week on his pending burglary charge.  The information was provided to the Sheriff's Department by Sweatt's family members during the early hours of the investigation in regards to a Tuesday court appearance.  We now know that this information originated from Bryan Sweatt himself to the family members, and is not true."

Prosecutors said Sweatt's trial was imminent.

Despite what happened Tuesday, the sheriff told WIS there were no indicators to show this custody dispute between these two was about to turn deadly.

Davis said this was the worst crime scene he's ever walked into in his law enforcement career.

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