Amid seating scrutiny, Saban tells students to stay for the whol - - Columbia, South Carolina

Amid seating scrutiny, Saban tells students to stay for the whole game

Head coach Nick Saban. Source: WBRC video Head coach Nick Saban. Source: WBRC video

Alabama football coach Nick Saban wants fans in their seats from kick off to the final whistle of Crimson Tide football games at Bryant-Denny stadium.

The coach weighed in on stadium attendance at his Wednesday press conference.

"I think that (in) some kind of way everybody that chooses to go to the game should stay there and support the team for the game," said the coach.

He pointed out that there are plenty of people who would gladly watch the whole game.

"Maybe if you're not interested in doing that, you should let somebody else go who would like to go," Saban said. "I have people who want to go, and I know lots of people who would like to go."

The UA Student Government Association President sent a warning to student organizations last week, reminding them they've signed an agreement to stay until the end of the game. During the second-half of the Alabama-Arkansas game on Saturday, pictures shared online, and video of the game, show student block seating rather empty.

Saban said that's a reflection on the university and the football program.

"We like to see and enthusiastic, full, stadium. We have a beautiful stadium and a very nice place. One of the nicest venues in all of college football and I think we should all show our appreciation for it by staying there and supporting our team for the whole game," Saban said.

The SGA and Student Affairs are looking at those pictures and video from the Arkansas game to determine what appropriate action to take.

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