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Candlelight vigil honoring Alex Apps

"Toast on the Coast" candlelight vigil for Alex Apps


Dozens of family and friends came together Friday night for a special candlelight vigil celebrating the life of William Alex Apps, the young Beaufort County man who was murdered two weeks ago while trying to sell his truck on Craigslist.

WTOC was there for "Toast on the Coast for Alex."

It was a quiet, somber night along the Henry Chambers Waterfront Park.

Family and friends of William Alex Apps couldn't fight back their tears after a moment of silence and a solemn prayer.

As they lit their candles and raised them high, they knew they were honoring him the way he would've wanted them to.

"This is Alex, Alex is the downtown area, the water, the boats, anything outdoors was Alex," said Jessica Settlemire, a close friend.

His friends describe him as an upbeat, positive guy.

"Alex could take the bad and turn it into the good so that's what we're doing here today, no focus is on what happened to Alex, it is literally Alex," added Settlemire.

Alex's tragic story seems to have a far-reaching impact—even touching those who barely knew him at all.

"What evil, what happened to these kids? It's a tragedy for Alex but it's also a tragedy for the families and the two kids," said Kenny Johnston, an attendee.  

"It's really sad that something like this has happened, there is bad people in the world, he had so much going for him, very good family, friends…it's just really broken a lot of people's hearts in the Lowcountry," added Robert Wilkes.  

Tonight, these people came together to celebrate the life of a young man who was gone too soon.

Alex Apps' funeral will be Saturday, October 19th at the Baptist Church of Beaufort.

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