New political party rounding up support at SC State Fair - - Columbia, South Carolina

New political party rounding up support at SC State Fair


South Carolina's newest political movement says they are getting a lot of interest saying the country's two major political parties are not working.

The American Party has set up a booth at the South Carolina State Fair to gather signatures with the goal of getting a candidate on the 2014 ballot.

On the first day, they were able to gather 400 signatures.

Near the teeth whitening and magic shop you'll find Jim Rex with the American Party stumping for a brighter future.

The former superintendent joined with former gubernatorial candidate Oscar Lovelace to found the party earlier this year.

The political group needs to get 10,000 signatures to be able to get on the ballot in 2014.

"The American Party is not just a new political party, it's a new approach to the political process," Rex said.  

They're promising strict term limits, complete financial transparency and individual oversight of their officeholders.

"If they violate laws or ethics while in office, the party will kick 'em out and not allow them to run again," Rex said.  

Rex isn't struggling to find interested voters, he says the stalemates and shutdown in Washington has created a perfect storm of ticked off South Carolinians, looking for an alternative.

"I think they all need to be kicked out and impeached and we need to bring up new people to show our politicians they serve us, we don't serve them," said Joseph Legrand.  

For Jeff Blodgett, he says he's looking for an alternative.

"I think a lot of people would respond," Blodgett said. "A lot of people are discouraged. The two parties are just battling it out on hard lines, and not with the best interest of the American public."

Even if the American Party finds enough support to get on the ballot in 2014, they'll face an uphill battle.

"If you're an independent or you're a moderate, or you're a person who feels you're liberal on some issues and conservative on others, there's no place to go you have to pick one extreme or another," Rex said. "So if we can get this option before the American people, many will respond to it."

Now Rex and the petitions will be out at the fair for the duration.

He says he's already registered domain names at every other state in the union and hopes to make the American party a national movement.

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