Assault victim being evicted by suspected abuser - - Columbia, South Carolina

Assault victim being evicted by suspected abuser


A Lexington woman is being kicked out of her home by the man who has been charged with hitting her.

On Wednesday, a Lexington County deputy served Brenda Tant an eviction notice.

"I just want to know why he's taking it out on my family," Tant said.  

Tant and her boyfriend Steven Brooks have been dating for five years and they've never lived together.

Tant, her 9-year-old son, her brother and his family all live in a mobile home where they live and work. Tant is the park manager and Brooks owns the park.

"I collect rent, help clean trailers and just help him out a little bit," Tant said.  

Last week, Tant says her and her boyfriend got into an argument over money he owed her.

"Playfully I hit him in the shoulder and told him ‘That's not enough money. I said $200,'" Tant said.  "That's when he reached out the side of the window and hit me on the side of my face."

Tant says she fell to the ground and when she got back up she says he pointed a gun at her.

"I called the police instantly and they had him pulled over within three minutes," she said.

Brooks was arrested for first-degree assault and battery and pointing and presenting a weapon.

According to state law, criminal domestic violence applies only to those who are married, were once marries, share a child together, live together or once lived together.

Tant said she would be allowed to stay at her home if she dropped the charges.  

"If I drop the gun charges on him, he would make sure my brother and his wife stayed on as manager of the trailer park," Tant said. "I really considered that because it's better than where we're going to be living."

Tant says she has ten days to find somewhere to live and is running out of options. She says shelters would separate her family.

"I got them in this mess," she said. "If I wouldn't have called the police and had him charged they would have been safe."

Tant will see a magistrate judge in the coming days to see if she will have to leave her home.

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