Statement from school district on Tara Walker's claims

October 8, 2013

To Jennifer Emert


From: Jim Hinton

Assistant Superintendent for Administration and Student Services

Lexington School District Two

Media Statement: Davis Early Childhood Center for Technology – Parent Concern at Car Loading Update

Lexington School District Two contacted this parent yesterday, and as a result we feel that the issue is resolved.  As part of the resolution to the parent's concern, the child's teacher or teacher assistant will personally escort him to his car each afternoon.  The parent indicated that she was pleased with this resolution.

Davis Early Childhood Center has many teachers on duty every afternoon at the school, and has an organized plan in place to ensure student safety as our number one priority. The school has over 130 students in Grades 4K -2 who are car riders.  The school staff works well together to dismiss their students in a safe manner.  Each parent is asked to display their car tag with their child's name on their sun visor that corresponds to the name tag attached to each student's book bag. In talking with the parent, she stated to the school principal that her child was escorted to her car by a teacher with no problem yesterday. She also admitted to the school principal that another child did not get into her car. She did indicate that she can be overly concerned at times.  School administration will monitor this new plan for this student to make sure it goes well.

*** Editor's Note (We spoke with Tara Walker after getting the district's statement.  She claims there was a mix up when she called the office yesterday to make the complaint, leaving a message on the office assistants voicemail.  She claims the office staff thought again Hunter had been placed in the wrong vehicle.  She says she corrected that and said he wasn't placed in the wrong vehicle, but stands by her statement that another child was placed in her vehicle yesterday.)