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Mother: My son was placed in another family's car at school

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Dismissal time at any school can be hectic, but what Tara Walker claims is happening at Davis Early Childhood Center of Technology, well, she says it borders on a safety issue.

"It's dangerous," said Walker. "Really dangerous, because I would not want my child going home with someone else."

It nearly happened. Walker's son, Hunter, was placed in another vehicle the third week at the school.

"I rolled down the window and started blowing the horn and started screaming out the window, so she would hear me an realize she was putting my son in somebody else's vehicle," said Walker.

It happened again on Monday and once before that when two different children were placed in Walker's vehicle.

"I turned and looked at her and said, 'That's not my son.' She said, 'Oh, he's not yours, oh?'   She went three cars behind me opened the door and put him in," said Walker."

Here's how it works: parents drive up with the hang tag with their child's name and the name is called. They're escorted to the car by an adult. There were plenty of adults outside on Tuesday, but Walker says that's not always the case.

"Only maybe a handful of teachers out there, but you have 104 children sitting on a breezeway, waiting to be picked up," said Walker.

We talked to the principal, but she directed us to the district. We asked for an interview but got an statement saying they "had contacted this parent yesterday and as a result we feel that the issue is resolved.

As part of the resolution, Walker says Hunter's teacher will walk him to the car each day.

"But then there still leaves other children there," said Walker.

Which is why Walker says she's calling attention to the issue.

"They're not old enough to realize the danger of being placed in a stranger's car. Anything could happen to them. you don't know who the person is," said Walker.

The district's website encourages parent to stay in their car and not walk up to get them for safety reasons.

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