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WIS Investigates: Condo owner still plagued by mold months later


In a follow up to a story WIS brought you in July, a condo owner says the home he's still paying for is unlivable.

"I haven't been able to sleep in my own house," Billy Lindsay said.

Lindsay says his bed, clothes, couch and wall have been covered in mold for months after a drain outside his unit caused water from the heavy rains over the summer to wash in.

"They haven't even sent the adjuster for my items yet," Lindsay said.

When WIS first showed you Lindsay's apartment in July his carpet was still soaking wet and the damage left behind by the water was evident. 

After our story aired, Weston Management Company who manages Berkshire Place Condominiums sent us a statement saying they were repairing the drain which caused the flooding.

The owner Robert Weston also said he was contracting with an emergency response company to extract the water.

Lindsay says the company came and removed the water and then sent in an estimate for the rest of repairs.

Weston Management told Lindsay that they were going to take care of him as soon as they saw the first news report.

Lindsay says Winston told him I'm sorry that this is going on for so long, I'm going to step in, and I'm going to take care of you. As soon as he got that estimate, he disappeared.

The cost to repair the condo was about $13,000, Lindsay said.

We reached out to Weston asking him what happened and why the process of getting Lindsay's home back to a livable condition seems to be at a standstill.

Weston replied that the equipment had been placed in Lindsay's home to dry out the condo.

He then deferred to the Home Owners Association Board of Directors Marcia Rowen.

Rowen said in a statement Lindsay's home is certified moisture free and that the Homeowners Association is not responsible for the neglect.

Rowen went on to say that their insurance company needs proof that Lindsay owns the condo and that he hasn't provided proof of that.

Lindsay told WIS he had and tax records list him as an owner of the condo.

As Lindsay continues to wait for answers, the mold in his home keeps growing. Now he's worried his neighbors could also be susceptible to mold exposure.

"The woman above me, they moved from a place where mold had affected her son," Lindsay said "I can't see where they're showing such a disregard for the health of other people."

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