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Law enforcement exercise trains officers on active shooter situations

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A Midlands school came under siege on Tuesday, but it was training exercise to prevent a future incident. Officers from four departments spent two days training how to respond to an active shooter situation.

Tuesday's scenario was inside a school, but the training applies to a business, church, or mall.

The tactics were taught inside a Lexington 2 school. They were described as "urban warfare."

"Some of the tactics that we're talking about are small unit tactics, stuff like that, team movement, all that good stuff that we cover in basic infantry training in the Army Marine Corps and things like that, we're doing the same stuff now in law enforcement, we have to," said West Columbia Police Department Sgt. Marion Boyce.

It's a direct result of what they're defending against.

"Boston had IED's, we've have IED's scenarios here that we're training for. We're dealing with multiple suspects, not just a single gunman, so we're dealing with several different situations that were taken out of current events," said Boyce.

I was also put to the test and given the scenario: a man wearing a yellow shirt was spotted going into a business with a handgun. When the first explosive was thrown, the threat became real, and when we encountered the suspect. I was the first to fire, quickly realizing you have only moments to think.

"It just shows you how good you have to be," said Columbia Police Patrolman John Krieger. "You have to be better than they are, so that means you have to train because the bad guys are training. They're training everyday whether it's here, abroad. Everyday they're training practicing to hurt us."

Law enforcement officials know it's a constant fight to keep the community safe.

"If something happens to us and we're the only ones, then we're out of the fight, so our job is to make sure whether it's kids, adults, that they're safe," said Krieger.

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