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WIS GM: State needs to inform taxpayers of new credit monitoring service

The following Perspective is an expression of opinion by the Editorial Board at WIS and presented by General Manager Donita Todd:

Nearly a year ago, SC's Department of Revenue was hit by a massive hacking scandal.  In response, Governor Haley struck a deal with Experian to provide taxpayers with one year of free credit monitoring.  That gave many of us who opted in a sense of security for the time being.

As we approach the first anniversary of that security breach, it appears that Experian's free service will no longer be an option.  They have spurned the state's offer to renew their deal, instead opting to contact taxpayers individually to offer their services for an annual fee.  What victims of last year's hacking may not realize is that the state is again seeking alternative providers for monitoring at no cost to taxpayers.  It's unfortunate that people are not being informed of this by the Department of Revenue.  In fact, some folks who called the DOR were referred back to Experian who did not tell them that this service might be offered for free again by the state.

Are we, the taxpayers, once again caught in the middle?  This security breach was widespread and deep, potentially affecting citizens' information privacy for years to come.  Governor Haley did the right thing last year proactively protecting our information and the Department of Revenue should be reassuring taxpayers of their options now and in the future. 

That's my Perspective.  What's yours? Write to Perspective at P.O. Box 367, Columbia, SC 29202, or send an email.

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