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State chooses new credit monitoring service

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In the next month, you may be asked to give more of your personal information to protect yourself. It's all part of the effort to protect millions of taxpayers after last year's breach at the Department of Revenue.

The credit monitoring contract with Experian will expire and the state has chosen a new company, CSID.

CSID is based in Austin, Texas, and this company with up to 200 employees will be asked to watch more than your credit report over the next year.

"If they're looking for your personal information on the Internet to see if it's being sold, or if they're looking to see if payday loans or other type of court records are out there in your name, they need that personal information to link you to that," said Carri Grube Lybarker with the state Department of Consumer Affairs.

What personal information they'll need isn't yet known, but state officials say it should be similar to Experian's process.

"Unfortunately it's your Social Security number that gives access to your credit reports to make sure you're linked up," said Lybarker.

However, you can opt out and chose a service for yourself since the state is offering a tax deduction.

"There is a tax deduction that is going to be available for annual or monthly subscriptions limited for this year for identity theft protection services up to $300 for an individual and $1,000 for a joint return or a joint return and dependants," said Lybarker.

We asked the company for a list of their clients, but they didn't respond. However, we found they did some work for the Employees Retirement System of Texas. The BBB had three complaints against the company in 2011, with just one of those being a problem with the product, but all were resolved. They provide identity protection services worldwide. If no one protests the company during the next 10 days, they'll be awarded the contract as the deadline approaches.

"There's going to be a tight line for people to start enrolling in this new program, so just be on the look out for the information on how to enroll in CSID," said Lybarker.

In the last year, many South Carolina residents have had their identities compromised. Lybarker says some protection is better than nothing at all.

Of course, Consumer Affairs points out you need to remain vigilant, which means keeping up with your credit report and checking your credit statements every month. They are recommending this new service, pointing out while it will only include one credit monitoring service Transunion, one is better than none.

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