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W. Columbia fixing erosion problem at Natchez Trail home

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Last time we talked with Bob and Sue Allen on a cliff in their yard, their tone was much different.

They were worried their house would wash away, pleading for help to fix a problem the two had faced before.

The first time water washed through their yard, the Allens paid $11,000 to get the dirt replaced and grass growing again. This time, the damage was much worse. The bill to fix it was almost $80,000, the low bid of the five contractors brought in by the city of West Columbia.

"I am so happy it's being fixed," said Sue.

Sue says it was water backing up and washing over an underground culvert that caused her yard to errode. She hopes with the repairs underway, replacing the culvert will make the to-do list. Sue says she got word the repairs were coming and she didn't know how soon or how quickly her yard would be out of danger.

"We just heard something, and came outside and they're working, and except for Sunday, they haven't stopped," said Sue.

Although the job is weeks from done, there is already a big change in the Allen's yard. The contractor reparing the damage has placed large cages of rocks along the edge of the erosion, which should stabalize the bank.

The city of West Columbia says this project won't break the bank either. In fact, most of the money for the repairs is coming from a federal grant. The city is hoping that scdot will pick up the tab for the rest.

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