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Water tower to be work of art, donations to feed hungry


Look across the skyline of any American city and there they are: big, white water towers. Usually they don't do much besides store water and tell you where you are.

But at least one in Cayce could soon do more. Lexington County leaders Monday announced a crowd-funding campaign to get a water tower just off Charleston Highway painted with a USC logo. It overlooks the University of South Carolina's golf team practice range.

"You drive through York or you drive through Gaffney, they have the peach and the baseball," said Joe Mergo. "You look for ways to define communities."

"Art always creates a sense of community, a sense of pride and a sense of place," said Cayce Mayor Elyse Partin.

If you're more of a Clemson fan you might not take too kindly to driving by a big block C every day but as far as water tank art goes, it's pretty classy. Team allegiances aside, planners say the project is set to do some good for hungry families.

"Crowd-funded artwork has been done before, but never for the purpose of also raising money for a local non-profit," said Will Bryan. 

Bryan's Public Works of HeART is raising $250,000 to get the mural painted. $50,000 will go toward Harvest Hope Food Bank, if they can get the money together by November 1st.

"We want people to know that they can help beautify the community and give back to the community in a really easy way," said Bryan. 

Making a white elephant a work of art. Public Works of HeARThopes to have the mural done in time for Christmas.

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