Local reverend not changed much since winning $260 million in 2009

Solomon Jackson announced as Powerball winner in 2009
Solomon Jackson announced as Powerball winner in 2009

RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WIS) - There's at least one Midlands man who knows how the mystery winner feels -- Solomon Jackson.

He won nearly $260 million four years ago. Since then he has tried to put his money to good use.

Before Jackson's jackpot he'd been a preacher for more than 20 years. The money just allowed him to step up his service to the community.

Jackson's name can now be seen in the form of scholarships and grants. In 2010 he donated $10 million to Morris College, the largest single-person donation the school has ever received.

Recently he gave $1.7 million to the Booker T. Washington Foundation to help save their historic auditorium.

On Friday, Benedict College will show off two new luxury coach buses bought with $500,000 donated by Jackson.

The Columbia Urban League has also benefited from Jackson's generosity. Director JT McLawhorn says Reverend Jackson is a role model for future lottery winners.

"He's a good role model for anyone who might win a lottery, because he's shown you can provide for yourself and empower the community at the same time."

You can find the reverend behind the pulpit of his new church, Solomon Temple in Lower Richland county. His friends say he continues to be the same old Solomon.

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